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I # ve said it many times, but I will say it again: exploring Bermuda has been on my wish list for some time. I recently had the opportunity to travel to the breathtaking and beautiful Bermuda for the first time, and it was not cheap to visit Bermuda. My husband and I had Bermuda on our list of places to go on our honeymoon. When we found a cheap flight from New York City, we snapped it up in no time.

The reopening of the island gave us the opportunity to look back down to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, namely Bermuda Beach and the beautiful island of Bermuda.

Since both destinations are open and will soon be reopened, we returned to Bermuda for 4 days, which is not nearly enough if you want to explore the island. We were on Bermuda for the first time and wanted to know if it is safe to wander only during the day in the city and on the beaches.

Bermuda is located in the Atlantic Ocean, south of the US, UK and Caribbean and can be reached before July 1. There are cruise ships and flights to get to Bermuda from the US / UK and the Caribbean, but they really have to pass through this area. As the Bermuda trip resumes on July 1, this means you will likely fly before you reach Bermuda.

It is also necessary to have a return ticket for an aircraft or boat and to present proof of return travel to the immigration authorities in Bermuda. For international air travel, a state-issued photo ID or a valid passport is not sufficient to enter the country. Instead, leave your passport at home and get a valid passport book for Bermuda trips. A proof - or a return ticket for travel to and from the island is all you need to know.

The travel permit procedure in Bermuda must be completed online one to three days prior to departure in order to receive important information from the island's health and immigration authorities. Travelers will be charged a $75 fee, including the cost of testing the COVID-19 in Bermuda. After 48 hours of departure, the Traveler must complete the online travel authorization form and pay the $75 fee to cover the cost of the COID-18 exam for Bermuda or to pay for the trip to and from its destination. Authorization for Bermuda travel is completed online, and a $25 fee must be included in the price of a round-trip ticket for international air travel from Bermuda to the United States. Prior to departure, all travelers must complete the permit process for Bermuda travel online within 48 days of arrival at their destination and pay the $75 fee, which includes the cost of checking the destination in Bermuda and returning to Bermuda after departure.

Travelers must then be tested and quarantined until the results of the test are available, usually within 48 hours of arrival at their destination in the United States.

Visitors without a test before departure cannot obtain a travel permit and enter Bermuda. If you wish to extend your stay in Bermuda, please do not forget the permission of the Bermuda Department of Immigration. A valid passport and book are required before entering Bermuda and re-entering the United States.

In order to become the standard for international travel, travelers must present a mandatory negative certificate upon arrival in Bermuda. For more information on the Bermuda Travel Authorization Form, click here.

The travel requirements in Bermuda require that guests take a PCR / COVID-19 test before leaving for Bermuda. All international travellers (aged 10 and over) wishing to visit Bermuda must present a positive test certificate to be taken before boarding the plane to the island, as well as a copy of the Bermuda Travel Authorisation Form. Guests must provide a negative test result (no older than 5 days) on the day of departure.

Anyone coming to Bermuda from the UK, whether as a family member or alone, must be quarantined for four days upon arrival. The new protocol also applies to travellers with children under 10 years of age and to travellers with their parents, grandparents or legal guardians.

If you are travelling to Bermuda and decide to visit another country as a visitor, you must have the appropriate visa for the next country. However, it is required that visitors who require multiple entry visas when transiting other countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK present the visa upon arrival in Bermuda.

If you think you are going to spend a few days in Bermuda and enjoy the sun, don't forget to take out travel insurance. If there is no reason to take out Bermuda travel insurance, such as cancelling your flight due to bad weather, you will be reimbursed for the travel expenses.

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More About Bermuda