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With the Cup match just around the corner, I'll give you a quick update on some of the best restaurants in Bermuda and the most popular restaurants in Bermuda. Here is a list of all the restaurants I have included in the Bermuda menu so you can plan your trip accordingly. If you need a jacket for your local haunt, here's where to eat in Bermuda now.

Bermuda's staple food, there are many great restaurants to find your favorite in Bermuda, as well as some new ones. I will mention some places I have visited and some newer ones I would like to try on my return trip.

This bright dining room on Elbow Beach at Bermuda Resort & Spa is an idyllic side dish for brunch, lunch and dinner. There is no place in Bermuda where you can't confirm what you're going to eat, but Mickey's at Elbows Beach is practically the only place where you can eat without having a toe in the sand. Located just a few blocks from the main entrance of the resort, the beach view offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with island cuisine.

For dinner, this secluded spot on the west side of Bermuda Resort & Spa overlooks Long Bay and offers beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and Bermuda Island. This secluded resort is open seasonally for lunch and dinner, and if that tickles your fancy, check out what they do there.

With a range of salads, sushi and sandwiches, this restaurant is a great place to take a stroll around Hamilton. Good meals and deals can be difficult to come by in Bermuda, but they are always available.

Since its opening in 2007, the Bolero Brasserie has been featured in numerous local publications and has won several "Best in Bermuda" awards from TripAdvisor. While many restaurants have proudly held this coveted award over the years, the 2018 prize goes to the kitchen of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. They have a number of other restaurants in the city, including a restaurant in St. John's and a bar in Hamilton, as well as some in other parts of the island.

If you like to sit outside, eat oysters, drink wine and gaze at the clear blue waters of Bermuda, the Ocean Club is the place to be, whether you're in St. John's or Hamilton.

Overlooking Elbow Beach on the south coast, Sea Breeze is known to create a super-cool atmosphere, and it's not hard to see why. If you fancy a snack to relax, this is the place to be, but tapas for those who are sweet-natured are also on offer. The Beach Club is the perfect place for nautical decoration and great ocean views, so if there is a beach in Bermuda you haven't tried to visit, it may be time for you to head there.

If you want to escape the crowds and sink into what's actually on the beach, head to Caddy's Shack and find some of the best 19 holes in Bermuda. Enjoy a snack and enjoy the view from the bar while enjoying your snack or, better still, a drink or two in the restaurant itself.

Known for rum swizzle and good food, this is a must-see - see if you want to eat on the island.

Litt's Seafood Restaurant & Bar in Hamilton is the best seafood restaurant on the island and one of the most popular in Bermuda. Wahoo's Bistro in St. George is a great place to eat, as is Litt's, and once in the yard you'll love lobster and crab pies, lobster rolls, oysters and crabs. The great pizza at Cafe Amici also offers a traditional Bermuda cod potato breakfast on Sunday mornings. Speciality Inn at La Trattoria makes some of the best pizza in Bermuda and serves delicious meals from breakfast to dessert. LaTrattia Catering does an excellent job with its catering service from breakfast to lunch to dinner.

St George's Griffin's Bistro is inside the St George Club and is by the club's standards. If you're still wondering, "Where do the locals in Bermuda eat?," then you should look at the island's food landscape, which is rich in tasty options to enjoy, from popular celebrities - restaurants run by famous people to popular local restaurants. Even in Bermuda, if you stay on the spot and do more food research, you can find amazing offers.

The farm's menu includes Cuban pork panini, baked local seafood and an award-winning collection of seafood. Lunch and dinner dishes blend beautifully fascinating flavours with some of the best local ingredients Bermuda has to offer. Combined with a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and a wide selection of meats, Bermuda will never lack culinary options.

For a long time, Bone Fish Bar & Grill was considered by locals to be the best ethnic restaurant on the island. With a menu full of fresh seafood and more, it features a sprawling courtyard that offers stunning views of the Great Sound. There are well-known cocktails and drinks, and there are always many options for a $40 per person tip, which averages $10 per person for dinner and $15 for lunch.

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