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Sinclair Realty is the only real estate agency on the island dedicated exclusively to the luxury market. Property makes it easy to find 49% of properties in Bermuda, and Conyers Dill Pearman advises you on all aspects of the Bermuda real estate market, from buying and selling a property to renovating and maintaining it.

McInnis Associates Ltd. is a boutique real estate brokerage company, managed by a Bermuda-based firm with offices in Bermuda, New Zealand and the United States. Mcinnis & Associates, Ltd is the only Bermuda-based boutique brokerage firm in the country.

Burgess Realty Management Ltd. (BRM) is a real estate company specializing in the rental of real estate in Bermuda. Burgess Realy Management, Ltd. or "BRM" is another boutique Bermudian Real Estate Company with offices in Bermuda, New Zealand and the United States specializing in rental and real estate management.

Rego Sothebyas International Realty is one of the longest-standing full-service real estate companies in the United States. Keller Williams has launched a Bermuda-based franchise system and is building on the success of its Bermuda office in New Zealand.

Successful and rapid economic growth, combined with local investment, has created more than 1,000 new jobs and over $1.5 billion in economic activity in Bermuda.

Bermuda banks are prepared to lend to approved buyers up to an estimated value if the applicant has the means. The usual $1.5 million per hectare is being siphoned off by the Bermuda Real Estate Board (BREB) and the Bermudan government.

BREB to conduct its business in accordance with the policies of the Bermuda Real Estate Board (BREB) and the Bermudan Government. By law, all companies must undergo annual audits, and the Bermuda government licenses at least one real estate company and one real estate management company annually.

There is a high stamp duty paid by the Bermuda government on houses owned by non-Bermudians, legal fees and recurring property taxes known as property taxes. Potential buyers of Bermuda homes should ask Bermuda-based brokers about their interest in any home they might have an interest in. In particular, it is recommended that prospective owners ask their Bermuda agent how much the ARV (annual property tax) will be on the property before buying a Bermuda property. When offering a property that can be sold to non-Bermuda, most Bermuda properties will list the relevant property taxes on their website.

However, it is important to recognise that while international buyers may purchase property in Bermuda, this does not entitle them to Bermudian citizenship or permanent residence. On the other hand, there is a real chance: if you get the chance to buy a house in Bermuda and own it permanently, you can make an offer to obtain Bermuda citizenship and permanent residence. Although the Bermuda government allows foreigners to buy property on the island, with some restrictions, foreigners from outside Bermuda cannot attempt to buy residential property on the islands, and renting such property requires special permission from the ministry. Foreigners from other countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand may not automatically reside in Bermuda.

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