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Anyone who has been to Bermuda will have noticed that music occupies a special place in the heart of culture. From Gombey dancers parading through the streets at every opportunity, to the few music festivals that are organised on the island, to live bands that entertain countless pubs and restaurants for weeks on end, music is never far away, with endless dance nights. Every night and every week there is a different kind of music festival, from local bands to international acts. I found myself in the vinegar onion, which is in one of Bermuda's most popular tourist attractions, the Royal Bermuda Museum.

Of course, there are plenty of places in Bermuda, but the best is Music Box, the shop on Reid Street in Hamilton was voted the best music store category at the Best Bermuda Awards 2011, which are organized by Bermudian. The music box has everything you could wish for, it has a wide selection of instruments of all kinds, from guitars and basses to drums, keyboards and a wide range of other instruments.

If you need sheet music to study or play your favorite songs, there are plenty of music boxes , look at the music or performing arts of your school, it can be a great collection. If I stayed in Bermuda, I would definitely stay at one of the music boxes, especially Reid Street in Hamilton.

Find the best songs written and composed by locals and foreigners in Bermuda. Some of the artists are the first musicians ever produced by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. Here are some great musicians from Bermuda who have made a huge contribution to their respective musical fields, including jazz, blues, folk, rock, country, pop and even classical music.

It's a Beautiful World, "became widely known and was founded in 1955, but disbanded in 1958, the same year the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band was formed.

The music of Bermuda has become popular all over the world, thanks to the work of musicians such as pianist Peter Carpenter and Lance Haywards. The musical taste of Bermuda was also influenced by the musical taste of Bermuda. The traditional music and dance of Bermuda are as if they had their roots in their traditional culture and culture of music.

Bermuda ballads, love songs and calypso are also played by popular soloists who have been compared to Harry Belafonte. Much of Bermuda's modern music is influenced by musicians such as Peter Carpenter and Lance Haywards. His most famous album is "Killing softly," whose musical style has been compared to the soft jazz of George Shearing.

You will hear a wide range of music styles, from classical to reggae, jazz to folk and even a bit of rock "n" roll.

A handful of Gombey recordings are available, allowing you to listen to African music in all its forms and styles. The "Gombeys" (played by a group of musicians from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and Ghana) offer the best selection of gOMBEYES dances.

The Jasmine Lounge, as its name suggests, offers expertly prepared cocktails and light desserts, while live musicians provide the perfect late-night soundtrack. Two great live music options are the "Big Chill" and "Sea Breeze" lounge, both offering sushi, tapas and cocktails, with live vocals and instrumentals providing a soulful, beach-ready sound.

Randy Lambert's Tempo will play Friday and Saturday from 7 to midnight in the "Big Chill" Lounge. On Saturday from 6 to 9 p.m. with a late, hard-hitting club night at Sea Breeze, on Sunday from 11: 45 to 12: 15 p.m. with live music from 9: 30 to 10 p.m. and a DJ show.

This weekly course features dozens of songs and rhythmic rhymes, including the popular "Rhymes of the Day" and "Rhythmic Rhymes for Children." Each family receives two new CDs per semester and an illustrated songbook full of music - ideas, lyrics and more.

For hundreds of thousands of families worldwide, Music Together is an opportunity for children and their adults to share songs, rhymes, movements and instrument games. Children are sounders and movers, and the National Dance Foundation of Bermuda provides training for the entire dance community in Bermuda, including interns, teachers and choreographers.

The island's musical tradition also includes bagpipe music played by the descendants of Irish and Scottish settlers. The largest bagpipe band in modern Bermuda is the Bermuda Islands Pipe Band, but the island is also home to the largest bagpipe band of its kind in the world in the United States. It is possible that the well-known music schools of Bermuda, such as the University of Bermuda, the Bermuda Music School and the Royal Bermuda College of Music, have nurtured such musical talent on this island.

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