HELLO BERMUDA

An Island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a British Territory and is known for its Pink Sand Beaches. This Island has a mixture of British and American culture. It is named after its discoverer Juan de Bermudez. It is a beautiful Island with low forming volcanoes.

Things to Do-

  • Gibbs Hill Light House-This is a light house of 19th century which is still functional.
  • Crystal Cave- This is one of the best places in Bermuda, beautiful underground caves with pools.
  • Rock Naval Dockyard, Bermuda- It is a shipyard and has restaurants in it
  • National Museum of Bermuda- This is a beautiful museum by the side of the Ocean in a Fortress.
  • Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo- This is relatively small place with a wide variety of Wildlife.
  • Church Bay- Another Beautiful beach, you can do snorkeling here
  • Dolphin Quest
  • Fort St. Catherine- This is another ocean side Museum in a beautiful building.
  • St. David’s Island- This is an amazing Island with many beaches, a lighthouse and also a museum
  • Elbow Beach
  • Horseshoe Bay- You can do Snorkelling here
  • Ocean Discovery Centre
  • Unfinished Church- These are ruins of a Gothic Church
  • Snorkel Park- This beach is known for its water sports
  • Warwick long Bay
  • Bermuda National Gallery- This is an art museum with different workshops
  • St Peter’s Church

Where to stay?

Some of the best hotels in Bermuda are- 

  • Rosewood Bermuda- It is a beachfront Resort and has 3 restaurants with 2 outdoor pools
  • Elbow Beach Resort- This also has a beach front Dining area with water sports.
  • Fairmount Southampton- This hotel offers you with 8 restaurants
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort and spa- This resort has 2 restaurants and 3 private beaches.
  • Rosedon Hotel- Beautiful Hotel with rooms having balconies and has pool.